This innovative device is for properties with multiple assets in addition to propane or fuel oil tanks.


Agricultural customers will often have assets such as barns and coops where it makes sense to monitor the building temperature, as well as the tank fueling the heat for the same building. Active diesel tanks and other chemical tanks are also frequently monitored assets on agricultural locations.


Seasonal homes are also a common application for the Cellular Base Unit. With the ability to alert to water leaks, furnace burner lock-outs, room temperatures and pool temperatures, this device enables you to provide winter protection for your customer’s home.


  • Enables monitoring for up to eight assets
  • Access to tank levels and temperatures
  • Alerts to high/low temperatures, power outages, generator failures
    and burner lock-outs
  • Works during power outage using back-up battery
  • Features large interactive display with adjustable brightness

Cellular Base Unit

Top Takeaway Points

Deluxe Base Unit

Mini Base Unit

WESROC's Deluxe Base Unit is very similar to the Cellular Base Unit, however the Deluxe communicates with the host using phone landlines instead of cellular communication.

The mini base unit is a small compact base unit that displays the two-digit tank level for a single tank transmitter. The device is used as a local display for homeowners and businesses to check their tank level without having to be near the tank.


Measuring 3.5" x 5.5", the mini base unit works with all WESROC tank transmitter types.

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