Embrace Efficiency

Tank monitoring is a game changer. Having the right information to make intelligent business decisions is essential in the competitive markets that exist today.

WESROC knows that there are many uncontrollable factors that can impact your business. Pricing, product cost, regulations, weather, agricultural volumes, etc. We work with you to improve the areas of your business that are within your control.

Reducing stops and increasing drop size to increase your profitability.

You will know where to send your deliveries ahead of time and eliminate wasted trips with small drops. Your WESROC Monitoring System gives you insight into all of your monitored tanks and assets, enabling you to make intelligent and efficient decisions that improve your profits.


Significantly reducing delivery labor and vehicle expenses.

Your staff and vehicles are used more efficiently with the increased knowledge of the status of your tanks that monitoring provides. Less usage of vehicles means less time spent by your drivers, that leads to reduced costs.


Upgrade your quality of service and customer retention.

Because of the improved efficiency that monitoring provides, your business is able to be more responsive to your customers. More customers will stick with you because of the reliability and trustworthiness you provide.


Improved safety and risk management.

Service failures caused by outdated and inaccurate demand forecasting systems will no longer be a factor in your risk management. Monitoring keeps you ahead of the game by preventing run-outs that risk frozen pipes and pilot lighting exposure, also inefficient after hours deliveries.


Reducing vehicle capital expenses

Adding vehicles to your fleet is very costly. Because your WESROC Monitoring System enables you to deploy your fleet at peak efficiency and get the most out of each of your vehicles, the need for more trucks or replacing an aging truck is obsolete.


The WESROC team will help you develop a detailed deployment strategy to achieve your financial objectives in terms of ROI and time to payback. We have over 30 years experience in saving our customers money by taking advantage of efficiencies that are achievable with monitoring.

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