Expanded Services

Grow your revenue by expanding your service capabilities. WESROC enables you to monitor additional assets in addition to tank level monitoring, and tie them all into existing reports on your portal on WESROC.net. These additional capabilities allow your business to become more integral to your existing customers, and more enticing to potential customers.

Farm & Ag monitoring capabilities

  • Propane tanks
  • Fuel Oil tanks
  • Gasoline tanks
  • Diesel tanks
  • Bulk storage liquid tanks
  • DEF tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Waste tanks
  • Anhydrous Ammonia tanks
  • Livestock water tank temperatures
  • Barn and coop temperatures
  • Water detection for barns and coops
  • Alerting to open gates or doors

Home and Property monitoring capabilities

  • Propane tanks
  • Fuel Oil tanks
  • Swimming pool temperatures
  • Jacuzzi temperatures
  • Fish tank temperatures
  • Home or room temperatures
  • Refrigerator or deep freezer temperatures
  • Greenhouse temperatures
  • Well/Pump house temperatures
  • Basement water detection
  • Alerting of furnace burner lock-outs
  • Alerting to power outages
  • Alerting to back-up generator failure

Because you already monitor and fill tanks on farms, it makes sense to offer additional tank monitoring, temperature monitoring, or water detection alerts to your list of services.

Seasonal homes not being used during the cold months require special care in the winter time. In addition to that propane tank you are already monitoring, give your customers peace of mind by protecting their home against frozen or burst pipes, or a furnace burner lock-out.

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