Lease to Own

WESROC Monitoring Solutions offers leasing options that enable your business to pay for your hardware as it simultaneously has a significant cost-saving impact on your day-to-day operating expenses.


Our leasing option requires no up-front purchase or down payment. This allows you to deploy your monitoring equipment to a large number of accounts that will produce additional income through efficient deliveries along with eliminated short-fills and run-outs.

With three and five year leasing options the deployed hardware will have virtually paid for itself in no time. At the end of the lease, you can buy the monitoring hardware outright for just one dollar.


Minimum 50 units required for leasing option. All monitoring equipment ships at once. Monthly monitoring fees apply for continued reporting and will continue after lease is up. At the end of the lease, each unit may be purchased for $1.00. Shipment fees are due upon shipment from WESROC’s New London, MN facility.

Why Lease?


Equipment Pays for Itself

  • The savings your business gains from implementing our monitoring system gives you the opportunity to let the leased equipment pay
    for itself.


When the Lease is Up, You Own the Hardware

  • Buy each monitor for $1.00 upon completion of the lease agreement.


No Down Payment Required

  • WESROC does not require a down payment to lease our equipment. We would rather that our customers deploy the equipment right away to see immediate return on their investment.


Fixed Payments

  • Your leasing payments will be consistent every month, allowing you to plan ahead and adjust your business’ budget accordingly.


Free Up Working Capital

  • Preserve your needed capital for everyday business, leasing prevents you from being tied down by full investments in hardware.


Tax Benefits

  • Your lease is treated as an expense on income statements. The lease may qualify for certain tax deductions. Check with your tax advisor for qualification details.

We understand that it isn’t realistic for all businesses to make a bulk purchase of hardware. Our leasing program enables you to start monitoring right away without the upfront cost of the hardware, allowing you to stay competitive and earn new profits.

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