Propane and fuel suppliers can see enormous benefits with the WESROC LPWAN Tank Monitor (LTM). This innovative monitor is beneficial for distributors with either a smaller deployment under existing network coverage, or for large-scale deployments.


The WESROC LTM will help you improve on all of your delivery logistics efficiency metrics. Our customers also see increased customer satisfaction, retention, and profitability as a result of adopting this monitor into their business operations.


The WESROC LTM utilizes the Senet LoRa (long range) network which is a LPWAN (low-power, wide-area) network. It requires less power and communicates at long range.




The LoRa® mark and logo are registered trademarks of Semtech Corporation.

  • Cost effective large scale deployment – Extreme efficiency
  • Enterprise web portal for easy back office integration – utilizing Microsoft Azure
  • Easy installation with built in activation verification
  • Enhanced customer engagement for keep-full and will-call customers
  • Increase delivery, customer and company profitability

LPWAN Tank Monitor (LTM)


  • Hourly data transmission
  • Extended life Lithium battery
  • Compatible with Rochester R3D tank dials.
  • Accommodates a wide range of tank sizes
  • Up to 25 mile range
  • Mounting tabs with magnets for easy installs
  • Tabs also support mounting to poly lids
  • Operating temperature range of -40C to +70C (-40F to +158F)

Reporting Features

  • Current tank level
  • Configurable alerts for tank low levels
  • Battery status
  • Back-office software integration
  • Interactive mapping features
  • Network coverage features



  • Dimensions: 2.25”  x 2.5”  x 3” tall
  • Weight: 6.8 oz
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WESROC Monitoring Solutions logo