Miscellaneous Monitoring Hardware

This monitor works in conjunction with a pressure sensor and an atmospheric sensor to calculate the precise level of a tank containing liquids of any type. Applicable on tanks 11’ to 60’ tall, the monitor requires little maintenance after installation.

An extremely effective tool for installing and setting up new monitors while in the field. Use the handheld to access tank monitor info while on site. The device is also used for identifying issues such as signal strength and interference. The handheld device is essential for your technicians when they are in the field configuring multiple tank connections.

WESROC’s Overfill Alarm monitoring system enables drivers to view the tank level of your tanks before filling them. The digital display shows the tank level of up to eight tanks.

The WESROC Cage Monitoring Kit is designed to notify you when the propane cylinders in a cage need to be replenished.

The Alert Kit sends an alert when the liquid in the tank reaches a predetermined level.

Because the kit is resistant to corrosive liquids such as saline and diesel exhaust fluid, it is applicable to virtually any type of liquid tank.


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