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The mobile app is designed for the personnel in the field that interact with WESROC tank monitoring equipment and the online portal. The app makes on-site hardware set-up easier and more accurate. It utilizes the mobile device’s camera so users can scan the monitoring hardware’s bar code for easy syncing to This app also has a GPS coordinate capturing feature that plots the tank’s location on the map viewed in


The app features the reporting capabilities that users know and love. Tank levels, history, temperatures, and other monitored data is easy to access and view. Users can also add priority locations and accounts to a favorites list for quicker access.


The app can also be used by managers and office staff to view up-to-date tank and asset status while away from the office. The WESROC mobile app enables all aspects of fuel/propane supply businesses to be more knowledgeable, flexible, and efficient while on the move.



  • Set up new cellular hardware on-site
  • Scan hardware bar codes instead of typing serial numbers
  • Access tank and asset readings while on-site
  • Capture GPS coordinates based on location
  • Access Quick Reports
  • Save favorites to prioritize top accounts and locations
  • Take and attach pictures of tank sites

Download the app:

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Tank Readings Screen

Tank Details Screen

Edit new or existing monitor’s

      - location

      - capacity

      - scale

      - fuel type

      - thresholds

Set up email and text alert recipients

Capture and auto populate your GPS coordinates

View a list of priority locations quick and easy without manually searching all tank readings

View a list of recently viewed locations

View a list of all Quick Reports. Quick Reports are created using

Once the hardware is in position, follow the on-screen directions.


Input the tank and site information as prompted. Press a button to capture your phone's GPS coordinates for accurate map location.

The mobile app displays the tank readings that are associated with that monitor and indicate a successful installation.

- Set time zone for both the tank location and the back office location


- Set Unit of Measure (American vs. Metric)


- Sort order for reports


- Set default entry method (type serial number vs. bar code scanner)


- Edit Sound preferences

The app buttons and functionality

Buttons & Functionality

Easy Monitor Setup and Installation

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