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“We started using the WESROC Monitoring System with phone lines. They were a tremendous product and we used them for many of our pool heater accounts. As everyone in this business knows, pool heaters are some of the hardest to predict usage. Then the cellular monitors became available, they work similar to the phone line monitors, but the cellular monitors are much easier to install.


For our customers that use propane for home heating and cooking and then added generators after hurricane Sandy, monitoring became even more important. If their generator ran because of any power outage any time of the year, we couldn’t factor that into our forecasting.


Run-outs are likely without WESROC Monitoring. Our dispatchers live the new WESROC.net, and I like the emails that are sent to me for accounts that need attention.


Like my quality John Deere tractor that’s stood the test of time, WESROC is also building a reputation of quality products, superb technical support and customer service.”

"Run-outs are likely without WESROC."

Bill Nolan

Director of Marketing

Halstead Quinn


 “Heetco chose WESROC Monitors for their reliability and ease of operation. We have found that their monitors supply us with the information that is critical to our daily operation.


Since we started using WESROC monitors at customer locations, large and small, we have reduced costs, generated more revenue, and improved customer service and satisfaction.


WESROC’s service gives us ease of mind during the business times of the year. In today’s competitive propane environment, it is imperative that we use all resources available to stay informed so that we can provide the best services possible to our customers. WESROC provides these resources.”

"...we have reduced costs, generated more revenue and improved customer service and satisfaction."

Paul Murfin

General Manager / Vice President

Phillip Murfin

Vice President

Heetco Propane Professionals

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