"A tremendous asset to our company."

“WESROC monitors have definitely been a tremendous asset to our company.


We have many of them installed on our unpredictable customers.  These range from residential customers that have swimming pools, to the farmers that consume many gallons of propane in the grain drying season.  I am the coordinator of the department for orders and oversee the monitoring reports that I receive daily.  I check the customer’s tank percentages listed on the reports and then dispatch the drivers accordingly.


We also have WESROC monitors installed on our bulk tanks.  Since our drivers are drawing down from the bulk tanks at different times of the day, from early morning into the evening, or at times even weekends, the monitors help me ensure our bulk tanks are sufficiently supplied.”



Cathie Olejniczak

Energy Coordinator

Heritage Cooperative, Inc.


“We supply propane to residential, commercial and poultry locations through bobtail deliveries.  As our area is experiencing record growth in the poultry industry, WESROC has given our company “the edge” in efficiency and accuracy in monitoring our propane tanks on multihouse poultry operations.


These new poultry farms are being built bigger than ever before; with more houses per operation and more square footage per house.  At Alliance, we are setting bulk tanks up at these mega operations and utilizing the services of WESROC to monitor and manage LP consumption storage capacity.  The financial and time-saving benefits of these monitors has been extremely beneficial to our company and  - in a short time - have paid for themselves and increased our profits.


With increased bulk storage, we can maximize buying opportunities and have suppliers deliver directly to these new farms.  WESROC has given us the tools we need to monitor deliveries and distribute product effectively.  The system is simple to implement and all the information we need is available with the click of a button on all our company’s mobile devices.  We are very thankful for the services and affordability of WESROC and the partnership they offer our company.”



Todd & Angela Hunsucker


Alliance Propane & Petro, Inc.

"Extremely beneficial to our company."

“WESROC monitors have proved to be a valuable addition to our services. McGraw Oil has proudly served Texas and Oklahoma with quality fuel, lubricants and propane since 1972. Over three years ago we started purchasing and installing WESROC monitors on our high-volume customer’s gas, diesel and propane tanks. We have found that their monitors supply us with the critical information we need in our daily operation. We have been able to monitor fuel levels and receive daily reports for dispatching our drivers which has been a huge savings on our fuel expense and route efficiency.


We also installed one of WESROC’s hydrostatic units at one of our petroleum bulk facilities to track variances and have been really pleased with the results.


Everyone at WESROC has been really great. Anytime we have needed support, their customer service has always been excellent.”


Jason Robinson

Director of Operations

McGraw Oil Company

"...the critical information we need in our daily operation."

"...more efficient with our time and our deliveries."

“We have used WESROC’s monitoring products like phone line and satellite monitors, now we also use their cellular monitors. We use these to monitor gasoline and diesel fuel tanks. We service several remote sites, and most of our WESROC units have GPS capabilities, so we can locate tanks in case they get moved.


Basically, monitoring saves us time and money.  My dispatchers and I receive WESROC’s monitoring reports each morning,  I quickly check them, then the dispatchers take over and that frees me up for the rest of the day... every day!


The WESROC system allowed us to become more efficient with our time and our deliveries.“


Matthew Greene

Owner, Vice President

Lindsay Oil Company

“We started using WESROC monitors when we won the Indiana Department of Transportation (IDOT) propane bid for the entire state.  Part of their requirements were that every tank was to be monitored and each fill was to be invoiced within 24 hours of that delivery.


So, in one fell swoop, we bought WESROC monitors and put them on all the required sites around Indiana.  Since we don’t deliver to the entire state, we have some neighboring cooperatives that deliver for us in the areas we don’t cover, and the WESROC monitors tell us when a delivery is made.  Whether we are informed of a delivery by a driver or not, we get an alert that tells us we had a fill.  We then know where to look for that ticket so we can invoice the IDOT within 24 hours.  It works like clockwork.


We have since installed WESROC monitors on our bulk plants and the rest are on large users and unpredictable customers.”



Mike Hayden

Propane Manager

Co-Alliance, LLP

“We started using WESROC monitors on commercial hog building tanks.  We also installed monitors on cylinder fuel stations and we dropped our deliveries by 50% to those tanks. Before installing the monitors, we were making trips once a week to check them and top them off. Now we make the trip about every other week.

  All of our bulk tanks, including our customers’ bulk tanks, are now equipped with WESROC monitors. My crew says the monitors are easy to install and the maintenance has been almost zero.

I also like the options and features on the reports I receive. I can select the time of day that each tank reports. This helps us in knowing when to order loads and also helps our inventory control.”


Tony Howell

Regional Operations Manager (Energy Department)

River Valley Coop


"It works like clockwork."

"We dropped our deliveries by 50%..."

“We use WESROC to monitor the bulk storage tanks at our marina businesses.  We have some propane tanks, but most of them are gasoline tanks.  Since these marinas use different grades of gas, like regular, mid-grade, or premium, it’s essential that we are smart about our deliveries.


When we schedule a delivery, we have to make sure that we have the product, send the right product, and the right amount of product. WESROC’s system lets us do that. We are able to accurately track our inventory, and I’ve saved a lot of time because I’m not sending trucks to tanks that don’t need deliveries, not to mention that we’ve been able to prevent run-outs too.”


Tim Kimball

Operations Manager

Ray Energy



“WESROC’s system lets us do that.”

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