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When you go on a safari, you have to take the proper equipment. Sapp Brothers supplies propane to The Wildlife Safari Park, west of Omaha, Nebraska. It’s a 440-acre nature area that contains elk, white-tailed deer, bison, antelope and waterfowl.


“With no electricity available near the eleven scattered tank locations, the WESROC Cellular Units were the answer! They’re very easy to install . . . in just a matter of minutes.


We have been using WESROC phone line and satellite monitoring for years. We use the satellite units at our remote propane storage facilities. They’re the answer for keeping track of our daily inventory.


I’ve looked at other remote monitoring systems and I’ve tried a few,  but I would say that WESROC is the Cadillac of the monitoring systems. This is especially true for our propane and small diesel fuel tanks. We now feel that the WESROC Remote Monitoring System is complete with the addition of the cellular units.”

"WESROC is the Cadillac of the monitoring systems."

Andy Fossum

Service Manager

Sapp Bros. Petroleum, Inc.


We've been very successful in using WESROC's cellular technology for our customer's hog buildings. Instead of an automatic trip there once a month to check the tank levels, we installed monitors and cut our deliveries at least in half, if not more. Instead of making the trip and dropping only 100-150 gallons or less, we are making less stressful and more efficient for our drivers.


We are also using WESROC monitors on some other applications such as dairy farm set-ups that use an unpredictable amount of gas. Again, the monitors take the guess work out of tank levels. Before monitors, our drivers were thinking they better check on this tank or that tank to make sure it wasn't low and found out it was at the 75% level. The cost of the WESROC monitors can be made up in a year in some cases, if you figure each stop is costing you from $50 to $75 regardless if any gas is dropped or not...and that's huge"

"The cost of WESROC monitors can be made up in a year..."

Danny Steege

Petroleum Sales



Farmers Coop

"We have switched from three other monitoring brands to using the WESROC System exclusively. One of the biggest reasons for using WESROC is the overall customer support we receive. The customer support is superb, absolutely super. The other monitoring systems had very poor reliability and very poor customer service.


The product must work too, and if we have an issue and one of our service technicians makes a call - if someone isn't available right then - they get back to us very quickly. I want WESROC's customer service and tech support personnel to know that they're doing a great job and should absolutely take pride in that accomplishment.


And it's just great to have a salesmen come out and help you get the first day or two under your belt, give installation instructions and get things set up. That was something all the other monitoring companies didn't do - we just had to do it on our own - so that's also a big plus!"


"The customer support is superb, absolutely super."

Dan Skalsky

CHS Propane

Cenex Kalispell, MT


"We actually started using the WESROC cellular monitors in August of 2012, and we have had great success with them.


This past corn drying season we installed the monitors on most of our propane tanks supplying corn dryers. Customer support at WESROC set us up so we received monitoring reports on those drying accounts four times a day. Once a day reporting wasn't enough when our customers were heavily into the drying season. Receiving the reports four times a day turned out fantastic and we had no wasted trips. Even when our customers switched to harvesting beans, had a breakdown, or forgot to call us, we knew their tank levels. Plus, our gallons dropped per stop increased significantly as well.


The versatility of the cellular monitors allows us to move them to residential properties after the drying season. At my request, WESROC's support team reduced the monitoring reports back to once a day.


The entire staff at WESROC is great to work with and we are glad we chose WESROC.

"The entire staff at WESROC is great to work with..."

Greg and Ann Pirkl (and Abby)

Pirkl Gas


“When we complete an acquisition, it is important that the transition with customers goes as smoothly as possible. WESROC’s Monitoring System not only helps us eliminate run-outs, but at the same time ensures more efficient deliveries.”

John Armentano

VP Corporate Development and Acquisitions

Paraco Gas

"Although we have some WESROC phone line monitors, we prefer the cellular units because they allow us to install equipment without have to bother the customer.

We have used your competitors, however we like the way you designed and constructed your equipment – it holds up to the elements. We’re very pleased with the little maintenance that is required.

The monitors allow us to service unpredictable customers and eliminate weekend calls about needing gas…they bring stability to an unstable customer."


Andy Sauer

Sales Manager

Reliable Propane


"We’re very happy with WESROC. Whenever we have customer that runs out of gas, we install a monitor to regain their confidence. We have integrated the reports into our Degree Day software and have found that it saves us time.

Our storage tanks have WESROC monitors on them so the transports deliver gas automatically. The daily email reports give us vital information which eliminates unnecessary trips, saving us $40-$45 per trip.”


Ken Albrecht


Reliable Propane

"We're very pleased with the little maintenance that is required."

"Well, we've learned our lesson. We tried another monitoring system and found it to be unreliable. Then we installed the WESROC Monitoring System, and not only is it reliable, but as you have stated in your ads, 'it's the one that works.'


We use the remote monitors on both fuel oil tanks and propane tanks. We have many highly unpredictable customers, so the monitors have really helped us maintain an accurate delivery schedule. In fact, WESROC monitors have cut our deliveries in half to those customers. And that savings resulted in a sooner than expected return on our investment.


The WESROC monitors we now have installed consist of Base Units utilizing telephone lines. We're now going to use the WESROC Cellular Units. Installing them without having to enter the business or home will be another service that will help retain existing customers and acquire new ones."

"In fact, WESROC monitors have cut our deliveries in half.."

Chuck Holden


holden Oil & Propane

"We've been using monitoring systems since the early 90's. However, the monitoring system from the first company we used never really worked, even though we replaced that system three times. The next system we purchased worked well at the beginning, but then the service was not there, we could never talk to anybody and they went out of business.


Then I installed the WESROC Monitoring System. It works, it's reliable and it's dead on - its within 1% of what I order gas by - I trust it that much. The WESROC's Satellite Monitors I use on my remote bulk storage tanks are less expensive to use than installing phone lines.


My supply manager gets an email reading of the gauges and she automatically keeps my tanks full . . . then I get an email. These emails allow me to look at all my gauges with updates, so I know when my loads are delivered. It's like I have fingertip control with the whole situation, but I don't have to be there. "


"It works, it's reliable and it's dead on..."

Billy Foust

District Manager

Foust Fuels

(Heritage Propane)

"We use WESROC monitors on all the products we sell; propane, fuel oil, diesel and gasoline. We have conventional phone line monitors with some of them also monitoring indoor temperatures. We also have cellular units up and running and they're working great. We've found that WESROC Monitors have increased efficiencies at stops. Not only at the larger user, but also at the user that doesn't use enough and we obviously don't need to make that delivery. We don't make a wasteful stop or make a zero-gallon delivery. It's all about efficiency!


We have purchased some WESROC monitoring units for meters and will have them installed soon. We're sure they will save us a lot of time and be more cost effective then having the meters read by a tech or driver. These meter monitors will pay for themselves."

“We don’t make a wasteful stop or make a zero-gallon delivery. It’s all about efficiency!”

Joe Porco

Vice President

Porco Energy Corporation

"We really like how easy it is to install WESROC cellular units. I have a customer who wanted to monitor his home temperature. He has a home in Colorado and a home here in Minneota that doesn't have a land line. I took a cellular unit and placed it in his home on a table near a window.  As the customer watched me install the unit, and as I pulled the magnet off, he said 'that's it?' I said, that's it . . . and it's working perfectly.


We also use WESROC phone line and satellite monitoring units. We monitor transport site propane tanks, our own facilities tanks and homes for our snow bird customers. And we also monitor fuel oil. All the equipment works great and the reports are outstanding.


We have a contract with a company to supply fuel to their three tanks. One tank is about 45 miles from our bulk tanks. So, when they would call and say they needed 900 gallons delivered that same day, it meant a deadhead round-trip of 90 miles. Then we installed WESROC cellular units on each of their tanks. My drivers just love them. When they have deliveries in the same general area, the reports show if they need to stop by the county tanks to top them off. It's saving us a lot of time and money and it's working out well."

"It's saving us a lot of time and money."

Tim Borstad

Energy Manager

Farmers Cooperative Association

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