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"Keeping our customers happy is what we're all about. Over the years we've utilized a couple of different monitoring systems that just weren't getting the job done for us. With WESROC we've really been able to step up our level of service with some of our key accounts, which keeps them happy. The fact that we don't have to worry about potential run outs or inefficient deliveries makes things run a heck of a lot smoother and allow us to spend more time in other parts of our operation."


Marc Lacasse


Augusta fuel company

"For us, using WESROC Monitors ensures security in our customer's mind. It's the ones that are unpredictable users or high users that need monitoring. Using WESROC Monitors is like having our eyes on each tank. Every morning the tank level reports let us know what's going on. This gives our dispatch department the ability to regulate the deliveries…to get maximum size deliveries. From an economic standpoint, we're able to reduce our number of deliveries per tank because we know what's in the tank and we'll do optimum deliveries to make it more cost-effective.


Additionally, the staff at WESROC is very easy to work with and they're excellent in helping get through any problems or questions that we might have. I have to give them kudos for great customer support.”


Jeff Choate

LP Operations Manager

Augusta fuel company

"With WESROC, we've really been able to step up our level of service."

“Before installing the WESROC monitors I used to routinely send trucks to busy users and dispensers once a week. It was always a hit or miss situation. Now, it’s nice to have the tank reports available every morning.


The WESROC Monitoring System is a great tool, and I especially like the reports. The fact that I can set different parameters for low tank and critical tank alerts for our key commercial accounts is significant. Also, the enhancements that WESROC software engineers have made to the reports are great. I receive the email reports every morning at 5:30 am, and I know what’s going on by viewing tank critical, tank low, and tank fill screens. Anything during the day, and even weekends, I can get email and text alerts on my cell phone. Of course the reports also allow me to know if there has been an equipment problem, or a telephone line interruption on the system.


Our customers are sometimes baffled when I call and ask, “Did someone unplug the phone there?” Many of them respond by saying, “Wow, how did you know?”


I’m also glad WESROC bumped up the signal in the new smaller transmitters. Since Florida Public Utilities has numerous underground tanks, these more powerful transmitters help ensure a strong connection.


Using the WESROC Monitoring System not only benefits Florida Public Utilities, but our customers as well.


When it comes to customer service, WESROC has been exceptional. I can call anytime and I either get an immediate answer to my question or a call back within a short period of time. Best of all, I don't get charged for this excellent service. ”

"When it comes to customer service, WESROC  has been exceptional."

Greg Blazinga

Propane Supervisor,
Central Florida

Florida Public
Utilities Company

After extensively researching monitoring solutions, we now use WESROC Monitoring for both residential and commercial customers. And, we made the right choice.


We use a degree day system with our residential heating accounts during the winter, but in summer it’s very difficult to track gas usage for pool heating. If you establish a schedule and our customer leaves for a couple weeks, you end up sending a $150,000 delivery truck out there for nothing. In these situations we install a WESROC Monitor to prevent them from running out of gas and saving us a wasted trip.


We also have large commercial accounts that are hard to keep a handle on as they burn a lot of gas. So, we install WESROC monitors and we don’t even charge them. The units pay for themselves by saving on short-fills, run-outs and a lot of headaches.


We are very happy with the WESROC Monitoring System. It’s a wonderful system and I couldn’t work with a nicer group of folks.”

"I couldn't work with a nicer group of folks."

Billy Green

Service Manager

Bay Gas Service

“We service a few of Autogas dispensing tanks and they all have very different usage schedules. One location in particular is equipped with two 1990 gallon tanks and can accommodate a full load if the delivery is made at the right time. The customer also operates 24/7 and the delivery window to get a “full load” in the tank is about 18 hours. In addition, it is also about 35 miles one way to delivery. We placed monitors on each tank to optimize our delivery because we don’t want to get there too soon and we surely don’t want to get there too late because they will run out. Even if we have 100 gallons left on the truck that wouldn’t fit in the tank that would have cost us an additional four to six deliveries per year and takes care of the cost to monitor. However, we save way more because we avoid overtime deliveries and many weekends, and keep the customers happy.


The WESROC cellular monitors pay off the best for us because we don’t need access to the customer’s site and Autogas tanks are usually not close to buildings. We use WESROC cellular monitors on every dispenser we have, Autogas and others. We also have another group of WESROC cellular monitors on agricultural, commercial, and sporadic or heavy use residential accounts.


WESROC monitors have helped turn wasted time and deliveries into additional profit on the bottom line. "

"...turned wasted time and deliveries into additional profit on the bottom line."

Chad Kroening

Fleet/Projects Manager

Boehlke Bottled Gas Corp.

“Now we use WESROC’s Monitoring System exclusively, as we have replaced a system that just didn’t do the job.


We began using WESROC monitors on our bulk tanks and we are now incorporating the system into our residential customers.


We use the Base Units connected to phone lines for 330 propane tanks and 275 fuel oil tanks . . . the whole nine yards. This allowed us to swap out a previously installed security system that we used in homes for temperature monitoring in addition to tank level monitoring. And with our fuel oil customers we can also receive burner lockout alarms.


The WESROC Satellite Monitors are used in our remote bulk plants for our oil and propane bulk tanks. We are very satisfied with the system and are using it as it was designed to be used."

"We are very satisfied with the system..."

Peter Bourne


Bourne's Energy

“As a fortune 100 company and leading propane supplier dedicated to reliability and safety, CHS demands high-quality equipment. We currently use a variety of WESROC monitors at our CHS retail locations, including landline, cellular and satellite monitors. These monitors are very reliable. They have helped us improve delivery efficiency while ensuring our customers never run out of propane. WESROC has also been very supportive with their customer service, tech support and on-site installation and operations training.”

"These monitors are very reliable."

Joe Schnichels

Senior Account Manager

CHS Propane Equipment

"WESROC Remote Monitors have been great for our company. I can give my driver a section of residential deliveries, and before he gets ready to come back at the end of the day, he'll take a look at the WESROC report. If he has 400 gallons of gas left on the truck, he can check the list and match up with a commercial account that'll hold the 400 gallons. WESROC Monitors bring my bobtails back empty! Very rarely do I have a truck come into my yard at the end of the day with gas in it. I deliver at least two loads of gas every week that would have been brought back to the yard and then hauled out again if I didn't have WESROC Monitors. This is loads of gas delivered at no cost…it's free delivery!


We are using cellular units and land line units as well. I really like the cellular units because they take just minutes to install. And of course the WESROC reports are great. I get the reports at my home as well as the office. Just being able to look at the report and say, 'Yes, that customer has plenty of gas for the weekend or for the next week' gives me peace of mind. If l didn't have that report, it would drive me crazy."

"WESROC Monitors bring my tanks back empty."

Jack Meads

Vice President

Coastal Gas

“WESROC has been a great addition to our product line. ‘Doc Watch” allows Daigle Oil Company to monitor customer’s properties for temperature, product level and burner lockout alarms. We are able to offer customers peace of mind when it comes to protecting their assets.


In addition to customer offerings, we utilize WESROC’s Satellite Base Units on our Diesel Key-locks located in remote parts of Northwestern Maine on the Canadian Border. Due to lack of any communication infrastructure, WESROC reports and alerts have proven invaluable in improving our deliveries.


WESROC’s multiple communications (Satellite, Cellular, and Landline) allows Daile Oil to serve the many different geographic areas of Northern Maine. Whether we are monitoring small residential systems for improved delivery efficiency, monitoring for temperature or alarms, or large commercial customers, WESROC has the product and solutions to meet all of our needs.”

"We are able to offer customers peace of mind..."

Doug Taggett

Director of Information Services

Daigle Oil Company

"Initially we have installed a total of 65 WESROC monitors and 30 of them are on crop dryers. When the dryers are working at full speed, they use so much propane that it is extremely beneficial to have the monitors working for us.


The reports we receive save us a lot of wasted time and minimize the amount of miles we have to drive. We were delivering propane every 18 to 32 hours, so it was nice to know what percent the tanks were reading. That knowledge allowed us to do the logistics and drop the maximum fill per tank. We have a 5,000 gallon truck and there were a lot of times that we were filling 2 tanks on one trip, so it was really nice being able to operate like that. It was nice to know that when the truck left it was going to make the minimal amount of stops and drop the maximum amount of gallons, and that’s a real time saver.


Our crop dryer customers like the monitors because they know that the gas service is one less thing they have to deal with. We have the other 35 WESROC monitors placed on big users and commercial accounts. Using the monitor reports we can now fill their tanks when they are down to 15-20% rather than 45-50%. And this is great for us… we go home knowing that those monitored accounts are one less thing we have to worry about. "

"...extremely beneficial to have the monitors working for us."

Steve Ketterling

General Manager

Farmland Coop

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