WESROC often receives unsolicited positive feedback and testimonials from our customers telling us how much they prefer doing business with us instead of other monitoring companies. This is how we measure our success. Our customers know that when they call WESROC, an actual person will be on the line, with a helpful and friendly attitude ready to guide them to a solution and answer any questions.


Our people are our strength. We know how we like to be treated in our day-to-day business, and we strive to deliver the same quality of respectful treatment onto our customers.


“It’s a dispatcher’s dream.”

“I’ve used WESROC monitors for about four years now. I  use them on horizontal fuel tanks and propane tanks. It’s a dispatcher’s dream because you know exactly what’s in those tanks, and you know a week ahead of time. It’s just so simple to dispatch loads and keep bulk plants full.


The updates that you did for the phone app are phenomenal. I can look at it on-the-go, wherever I’m at, and know my exact tank levels.

The system has worked out absolutely flawless, we haven’t had to change a single battery. I think very highly of WESROC products.”


John Pollmiller

Operations Manager

Wallace Oil Company

“Their stuff just works.”

“We’ve been more than satisfied with WESROC since we started using them in 2013. Whenever we’ve had questions or needed help, their sales and tech support folks have always been helpful, friendly, and responsive.


In my experience, I’ve found that WESROC’s monitors and services are the most reliable. Last year, we made a purchase from a different monitoring company that was offering monitors at a much lower price. Unfortunately, we came to regret buying these monitors. Many of them failed to work for multiple reasons, and the company was unable to replace them in a timely manner. The experience reminded me of an old saying, ‘The bitter taste of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of a cheap price.’


WESROC has been a benefit to our business, their stuff just works.”


Matthew Irish Jones

General Manager, Irish Companies


“WESROC has definitely helped us be more efficient with our deliveries. We love them!  Incorporating WESROC monitors into our business was a great decision, our reduced payroll is evidence of that.


We’ve used a number of their competitor’s monitors in the past, and they just weren’t getting the job done.  We have since replaced all of them with WESROC monitors. WESROC’s high standards

for quality are in line with what we expect for our business.


We’ve deployed different types of WESROC monitors, a few satellite monitors here and there, but most of them are cellular monitors. We’ve got them on propane tanks, both residential and commercial. Soon we will be monitoring tanks on the oil side of our business so that we are just as efficient with those deliveries.”


Thomas Daros, Sr.


Heritage Fuel & Propane

“Using WESROC has certainly been a real benefit to our business. We’ve been able to successfully manage our erratic-usage customer accounts while still maximizing our propane and fuel deliveries. WESROC’s system has also enabled our managers to build and maintain strong relationships with our customers by partnering with them to meet their demands.


The monitors are extremely quick and easy to install. They’re really dependable, there’s been minimal maintenance required. The portal, the reports, and the system in general is really intuitive and user-friendly.


WESROC has made it easier for us to increase our delivery efficiency, keep our customers happy, and save money.”


Charlie Houchins

MFA Oil Plant Manager

California, MO


Tom Procter

Director of Service and Safety

MFA Oil Corporate Headquarters

“WESROC has definitely  helped us be more efficient...”

“A real benefit to our business."

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