WESROC.net is your tool for viewing your monitoring data and managing your monitoring hardware. Your web portal provides access to insight and intelligence that enables you to make smarter and efficient decisions.

  • Manage all monitoring devices
  • View all monitored locations in the map view as interactive push pins colored by status
  • Set up and edit new and existing monitoring equipment quickly and easily
  • Configure and edit alarms and tank thresholds

View each of your monitored locations from the map view.  Pin icons show each of your monitored locations. The pins are colored with the same color scheme that designates their status. You have the ability to zoom in and out, change from road to bird's eye mode, and explore surrounding areas. Click on the pin to view and edit details about the location and monitoring hardware.

Managing and editing your monitoring devices is very easy with your web portal. Set up and edit your monitoring device's location, tank capacity and fuel type. Add additional information such as branch, routes, drivers, account info and GPS coordinates.

Your business' personal web portal into your monitoring data and hardware.

Set up and customize the thresholds for each device by identifying the levels that tell you good (green), warning (yellow) and critical (red). You can also create alerts that are instantly sent via text or email to the people of your choice.

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WESROC Monitoring Solutions logo